SMD power inductors are compact

June 28, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
Würth Elektronik eiSos has increased its portfolio of compact SMD power inductors with two new series: WE-PMMI and WE-PMCI.

The two new power inductors are suitable for DC/DC switching controllers with a low space requirement and cover a range of 0.24 microhenry to 1.5 microhenry

The WE-PMMI (power molded multilayer inductor) has an RDC value reduced by pressing a double silver layer. The series is available in 0806, 0805 LP and 0806 LP packages also has high saturation current values and, as a result of its low RDC, is suitable for switch mode power supplies with switching frequencies up to 20 MHz.

The WE-PMCI (power molded chip inductor) is a compact pressed power inductor with wire winding, available in five package sizes and three types. The product series excels through its "soft saturation behaviour" and is also suitable for portable applications with switching frequencies up to and beyond 20 MHz.

Free samples are available on request.