SMT disc shaped terminal is only 1.4mm tall

March 15, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Mill-Max's SMT disc shaped terminal is designed for applications where vertical space is at a premium.

The 1578-3-57-15-00-00-03-0 SMT disc is 1.98mm in diameter and only 1.4mm +/- 0.0508mm) tall. The SMT target discs are precision-machined from brass and come standard with a 10um hard gold finish with a nickel under-plate. The flat surfaces are suitable for surface mount soldering and as the conductive mating surface for spring-loaded pins and connectors as well as test probes. The discs are typically placed on solder pasted PCB pads and then subjected to reflow soldering. Once soldered the terminals are ready to be used as reliable, durable contact points.
The 1578-3's are packaged on tape & reel, 16mm wide with a 8mm pitch, 4,000 parts per reel. Custom sizes are quickly and easily achievable via Mill-Max's high speed precision-machining processes. Other plating options, such as thicker gold or other materials, are also available.

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