Solderable finish allows sub 20µm features

February 06, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Atotech's solderable finish PallaBond is a nickel free final finish described as truly fine line capable and high frequency friendly.

Due to the omission of phosphor, PallaBond is also claimed to be bio-compatible. The direct electroless palladium / autocatalytic gold surface finish allows the direct deposition of palladium on copper. It has been designed to achieve maximum fine feature resolution and definition whilst enabling high frequency design. The phosphor and nickel free final finish is optimized to operate at an overall thickness of approximately 200 nm, ideal for very fine lines and spaces. The process enables wire bonding with Cu, Cu Pd, Au and Ag. It is compatible with many new base materials and soldermask types owing to its short deposit time and low temperature needs.
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