ST to put SigFox IoT wireless on MCUs

February 27, 2018 // By Peter Clarke
STMicroelectronics is to include Sigfox networking in its embedded software suite.

Sigfox builds wireless networks to connect low-energy objects such as utility meters and smartwatches and employs an ultra narrowband RF technology to offer long-range connectivity at low power, so called LPWAN, operating on the ISM 868MHz band in Europe and 902MHz in the US.

The main competition to Sigfox is LoRa that also operates on sub-gigahertz frequencies. Semtech gained control of the LoRa technology in 2012 when it acquired Cycleo SAS (Grenoble, France) for $5 million.

ST will now offer the Sigfox networking software as part of ST’s MCU software package, including STM32 tool compatibility. ST also offers the S2-LP sub-gigahertz radio transceiver and the Sigfox-compatible STSAFE-A1SX. In addition ST offers audio sensors, power and power management devices.

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