Stacking oscilloscopes and measurement channels

April 25, 2016 // By Julien Happich
When two or four measurement channels are not sufficient, the TiePie engineering Handyscope series of instruments offers a possibility to combine multiple oscilloscopes to one single oscilloscope with many input channels.

Just a coupling cable is required to combine the multiple instruments to a single combined instrument with many channels.
When the Multi Channel oscilloscope software is started, the coupled instruments are recognized and combined to a large instrument. Combining four Handyscope HS5s results in a unique 8 channel 12 bit 500 MS/s oscilloscope. All channels of the four units sample fully synchronized and can be controlled in one application, any channel or combination of channels can be used as trigger source.
The unique CMI (Combine Multiple instruments) interface supports automatic recognition of the stacked instrument. The high speed trigger bus is automatically terminated with the correct impedance and the high speed sampling bus is automatically configured and terminated at the beginning and end of the bus. The high speed sampling bus takes care that each Handyscope is fully synchronized to ensure that even at the highest sampling rate the instruments operate at the same sample clock.
The CMI interface has built-in intelligence to detect the connections and terminate all buses properly at both ends of the bus, regardless of the connection order.

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