Supplies boost efficiency in marine and rugged industrial applications

December 06, 2016 // By Nick Flaherty
Powerbox has launched four new products in its Marine Line approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Germanischer Lloyd (GL) and major marine approval organizations.

Designed for demanding applications requiring peak power, the new series can deliver 50% extra peak current for 10 seconds and exhibits high efficiency, up to 92%.

The PT570, PT571, PT576 and PT577 can be operated from -25°C to +70°C without derating in convection cooled conditions and are suitable for use in harsh environments with high vibrations, such as on diesel generators, and all units are protected by conformal coating to withstand condensing conditions.

The PT570 (250W) and PT571 (125W) are built-on baseplate technology while the PT577 (250W) and PT576 (125W) are made for DIN-Rail mounting

The requirements imposed on products responsible for shipping and offshore installations are greater than the average for industrial and office environments, requiring power designers to follow strict design rules and to select components and technology complying with international standards. 

Generally two zones are distinguished on a ship; the “bridge and the open deck zone”, and the "general power zone", for all other areas in the ship. The open deck areas and bridge have extra demands on the electromagnetic emission and immunity (EMC), as sensitive equipment is positioned here, such as communication, radar and navigation devices. These EMC requirements regarding emissions are well below the known EN55022 Level B and measurement starts at 10 kHz, instead of the usual 150 kHz. All products are EN60945 compliant.

The limits regarding mechanical and climatic requirements are also more demanding than for the average industrial application. Vibration levels up to 4g are common, as well as large temperature fluctuations from -25°C and +70°C and high relative humidity where condensation cannot be excluded.