T-shaped push-pull power connector rated to 12A

August 09, 2016 //By Julien Happich
Harting has added a power distributor unit featuring three PushPull Power connectors to its Han-Power T series of industrial networking modules, allowing actuators and sensors to be linked to the periphery of industrial production processes rapidly and securely.

The latest model in the Han-Power T series provides PushPull connections for the power inlet, power outlet and user connection. The system has a rated current of 12A and a rated voltage of 48V. The full range extends from 12A to 40A, with rated voltages from 48V to 690V.

Han-Power T products provide a particularly robust connection: with the PushPull Power version, faulty connection is prevented by polarisation set into the insulator, which acts as a block if pins or socket try to connect to one another with the wrong polarity. Users will hear a click when the right connection is made. The connection is resistant to vibration and cannot be broken unintentionally (thanks to the integrated locking mechanism that has to be pulled back before opening).

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