Tactical grade MEMS gyroscope rivals fiber optic gyroscopes for performance

November 08, 2011 // By Paul Buckley
Analog Devices has released the ADIS16136 tactical grade i Sensor digital MEMS gyroscope, which provides 3.5°/hr typical bias stability in a matchbox-sized module consuming less than 1 W and weighing only 25 grams. The tactical grade (below 10°/hr bias stability) i Sensor MEMS gyroscope operates autonomously and requires no user configuration before producing precise and accurate rate sensing data.

The device is suitable for precision dependent applications such as platform stabilisation and control, navigation, robotics, and medical instrumentation.

“The ADIS16136 MEMS gyro is competitive on the stability and angular random walk specifications compared to more costly fibre optic gyros, while demonstrating 2X better linearity, 30X faster start-up, and 5X lower power,” said Bob Scannell, i Sensor business development manager, MEMS/Sensors Technology Group, Analog Devices. “Even more significant is the ADIS16136 gyro’s small size (~1 cubic inch) and low weight of only 25 grams. This is minute by comparison to fiber optic gyros, which can be 10 cubic-inches or larger and will enable many new applications for precision angular rate sensing.”  
The ADIS16136 is optimized for dynamic performance by combining industry leading i MEMS technology with ADI’s proven signal conditioning expertise. The ADIS16136 provides data at rates of up to 2048 SPS (samples per second) and offers an averaging/decimation filter structure for optimising noise/bandwidth trade-offs. The serial peripheral interface (SPI) and user register structure provide easy access to configuration controls and calibrated sensor data for embedded processor platforms.

Full device-specific calibration over temperature drives the internal compensation resulting in highly stable sensor output with no additional test or characterisation required. 

The available wide bandwidth of 380 Hz provides significant advantage to complex stabilization applications. The new gyro ships in a 36 mm × 44 mm × 14 mm package. Four holes are provided for simple mechanical attachment with a standard 24-pin, dual row, 1-mm-pitch connector that supports electrical attachment to a printed circuit board or cable system. Operating temperature range is −40 to +85°C.
For further information: www.analog.com/ADIS16136 .