Test tool box has data centres covered

May 03, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Microlease has introduced a new Datacentre Tool Box to equip data centre engineering teams and their subcontractors with the varied instrumentation support that they need to complete installation, upgrades and routine maintenance projects in a single package.

It provides a customisable rental package of instruments and equipment for electrical power test, thermal imaging, cabling and optical transmission test – all to the latest standards. The tool box can be delivered to any site world-wide, ready-calibrated and fully tested for immediate use.

The new rental packages presents ample scope to mix and match an extensive range of options direct from stock, offering maximum flexibility in that items can be returned when no longer required or swapped for other models if different test parameters have to be addressed.

It includes electrical energy loggers, infrared imaging systems, cable testing for both copper and fibre installations, a choice of easy-to-use return loss testers or more sophisticated optical time-domain reflectometers for single-mode or multimode fibre, the Fluke MultiFiber Pro for diagnosing bad connections, sharp bends and the like, instrumentation for the growing range of transmission protocols used in data centres, and further custom tool box functions such as electrical safety and earth resistance test, cable location, and vibration testing to avoid mechanical damage.

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