Testing M2M remote SIM provisioning scenarios

November 02, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Comprion's RSP M2M Test Platform is a test solution that supports remote SIM provisioning (RSP) tests in a lab environment. It consists of a modular set of server simulations providing SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) interfaces.

The modular RSP M2M Test Platform can be used to test each entity of the RSP architecture: eUICCs, MNO, SM-DP and SM-SR servers, and also the devices carrying the eUICC.
Embedded UICCs (eUICCs or eSIMs) can be tested when they are accessible, and even when they are soldered into a device. Thus, the solution can be used for a variety of RSP scenarios and entities, such as downloading, installing, enabling, disabling, or deleting profiles, changing the SM-SR server, or updating policy rules or connectivity parameters of a profile. The flexibility of the setup allows users to take control of the server behavior as well as the details of the RSP procedures.
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