Thermal compound enables tight spot heat dissipation

September 07, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Chomerics Europe's TC50 high performance thermal compound has been designed to conduct heat between hot electronic components and heatsinks or enclosures. Importantly, the heavy paste-like consistency of this one-component, RoHS compliant product can be easily dispensed in a controlled manner to produce different thicknesses in line with specific application requirements.

Delivering thermal conductivity of 5.5 W/m-K and heat capacity of 1 J/g-K, TC50 is typically suitable for all bond lines over 0.15 mm thick. TC50 provides low thermal impedance at multiple gaps to permit the deployment of commonly used spreaders. It only requires low compressive force to deform under assembly pressure. As a result, any stress on components, solder joints and leads is minimised. The compound can be packaged in syringes or cartridges, or bulk packaged.

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