Thermally conductive thin-core and pre-preg material

March 13, 2017 // By Julien Happich
A producer of polyimide and high reliability epoxy laminates and pre-pregs, Ventec International has added the VT-5A2 to its portfolio.

Designed for the world's most thermally demanding PCB applications such as power converters, hybrid multilayers and high power electronics with heavy copper designs, the VT-5A2 is Ventec's highest performance thermally conductive laminate material so far, with a polymer matrix that is fully compatible with the company's laminates, Epoxy or Polyimide based materials including tec-speed for a total compatibility in the manufacture of hybrid multilayer boards.

With a thermal conductivity 8 times that of FR4, VT-5A2 delivers class-leading thermal performance and high flowability for perfect encapsulation. Customers can choose between thin core and pre-preg variants. VT-5A2 features a thermal conductivity of 2.2W/m.K, a high Tg of 190°C, best in class thermal performance (T260 >60 Minutes, T288 >30 Minutes and T300 >15 Minutes) and M.O.T. up to 150°C. VT-5A2 is lead-free assembly compatible, fulfills RoHS and WEEE requirements and complies with UL94 V0.

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