These are the most innovative cars today

June 03, 2016 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
And the winner is…. If it would only be that easy. The Center of Automotive Management (CAM), an independent research and consulting company based in Germany, has investigated which vehicles available today market are to most innovative ones. The CAM researchers divided the market into nine market segments. We picked the most interesting innovations associated to electronics.

Not all innovations in the automotive realm are based on progress in electronics and software. For instance, the Opel Adam won the first place in the minicar category for its lightweight design. And in the minicar and subcompact class, there are not many electronic innovations anyway. In the compact class (in the CAM study referred as “lower midsize category), the situation gets better. Here, the Toyota Prius was rated highest for its unique V2X capabilities, available however only for the Japanese market: The Prius can communicate with other vehicles to optimize traffic flow and keep the speed as constant as possible. The system also warns of approaching rescue vehicles, and it can display the remaining time of the red phase of traffic lights, provided the infrastructure is equipped accordingly.


The midsize segment is rather innovative in terms of innovations. In this segment, CAM assessed 125 innovations in 62 models. The clear winner in this category was the Audi A4. It has seven “world’s first” innovations, including an active intersection collision warning systems, a system that warns occupants to disembark the vehicle in the case of approaching traffic and the first avoidance assistant in this segment.


In the segment titled by CAM as “upper midsize segment” with contenders like Daimler’s E-series, the Jaguar XF was considered the most innovative vehicle. Among other innovations, CAM highlights a car-based app that can inform other persons about the time of arrival computed out of data like speed and traffic conditions along the route. The app also sends text messages if the estimated time of arrival will change.

In the SUV segment, the CAM researchers found the Tesla Model X the most innovative vehicle. What convinced the experts was the scissor doors with integrated obstacle detection and, of course, its autonomous driving functions. For instance, the Model X is the first SUV capable of automatically performing lane changes and avoiding lateral collisions. Also