Toshiba starts building next 3D-NAND wafer fab

February 09, 2017 // By Peter Clarke
Toshiba Corp. has started building a wafer fab for 3D NAND flash memory production and a memory R&D center at its Yokkaichi site in Mie prefecture Japan.

Fab 6 will be dedicated to the production of BiCS flash, Toshiba's version of 3D NAND which it manufactures for partner Western Digital (see Western Digital claims first 64-layer 3D NAND memory ). BiCS stands for bit cost scalable.

Contruction of Fab 6 will take place in two phases with phase 1 scheduled for summer 2018. Toshiba did not provide any estimates of cost or production capacity saying that the installed capacity and output targets would be determined later. The memory R&D center will be adjacent to the Fab 6 shell with completion expected in December 2017. The facility will work on the advancement of BiCS 3D NAND flash and the development of novel memories, presumably of the ReRAM variety.

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