Trackball module combines touch and gesture control

March 15, 2016 // By Julien Happich
With integrated gesture recognition, the touch sensitive G-Track module provides all of the benefits of the IP68 waterproof trackball coupled with hand gesture recognition, helping users to quickly trigger a superset of hot-keys, shortcuts, and commonly used functions.

The dashboard module supports four pre-defined gesture modes (scroll, zoom, arrow keys, and carousel) that can be selected on the fly by double tapping the ball. The gesture function mapping is dependent on the gesture mode that has been selected and supports a wide range of applications with quick access to the most appropriate and frequented operations. Swipe gestures are intended for directional, single-instance or low-repetition functions such as triggering shortcuts or arrow keys, whereas the air-wheel gesture is intended for functions requiring many repetitions in quick succession such as scroll or zoom functions. 

The G-Track module is a plug-and-play solution without the need for any additional software/drivers. The module has not yet been packaged as a “standard configuration” device, rather it is intended to be customised to unique customer and end user requirements.

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