Transimpedance preamplifier ASIC targets optical sensors

September 06, 2016 // By Julien Happich
The transimpedance preamplifier circuit CCG1401 from Creative Chips uses a proven BiCMOS technology to achieve excellent noise characteristics for use in optical sensor applications.

With only one supply voltage, transimpedance and lower cut-off frequency are programmable via the integrated SPI interface from a connected micro controller. The sensor status is displayed either via a comparator or analog output. In standby mode the current consumption is only 15μA. A CSP flip chip package is available but the CCG1401 is also offered in a QFN16 package. The German company has also redesigned a bus interface IC, CCA1224, in SOP8 package that is a pin compatible and functional replacement for the discontinued chip HA12240. All DC parameters correspond to those of the original. With regards to the dynamic properties however, the new driver / receiver IC offers a higher transfer rate of up to 3 MBps. Main applications are audio automotive bus systems. The CCA1224 is designed, produced and tested under ISO TS16949 certified conditions.

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