TTTech to develop ARINC 664 IP for Xilinx FPGAs

January 16, 2012 // By Nick Flaherty
Vienna-based TTTech has joined the Xilinx Alliance Program to develop ARINC 664 and TTEthernet IP for the Xilinx Targeted Design Platforms. The company is a leading supplier of reliable embedded networking based on time-triggered technology and modular safety platforms and is is initially focussing on providing ARINC 664 compliant network controller IP for Xilinx FPGA devices, with certification artefacts according to DO-254 DAL A. The future plan is to extend the offering to TTEthernet IP.

ARINC 664 uses dedicated IEEE 802.3 Ethernet bandwidth while providing deterministic Quality of Service (QoS). Other aspects of ARINC 664 include full duplex switched and profiled Ethernet, redundancy management and high-speed performance.
“We are very glad to partner with an industry-leading semiconductor company by offering our certifiable ARINC 664 IP on a high-performance Xilinx FPGA. The broad Xilinx customer base in the aerospace, defence and space industry will enable our customers to more easily develop their network products within a standardized development platform on leading edge FPGA technology,” said Guenter Motzet, Director Chip IP Design at TTTech.
TTTech’s TTEthernet product integrates standard Ethernet, ARINC 664 and time-triggered communication patterns. With the integration of these technologies TTEthernet products provide maximum flexibility from standard best-effort Ethernet up to 100 % deterministic low latency, low jitter time-triggered data communication.
“We regard TTTech as a leading solution provider for the aerospace industry in the area of deterministic Ethernet solutions such as AFDX and TTEthernet," said Chris Hallahan, Senior Manager of Partner and Ecosystem Alliances at Xilinx. "As a key member of our ecosystem, we value their deep experience in safe and reliable networks which further enhances our leading position in the aerospace industry. In addition, TTTech’s certification expertise extends capabilities for Xilinx’ aerospace OEMs in DO-254 design flows.”