Ubuntu to support ethical smartphone Fairphone 2

February 09, 2017 // By Julien Happich
The Ubuntu Community UBports aims to see open source software Ubuntu on every device, starting with smartphones, through developers' collaborative development. During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February UBports will show a very special combination: Ubuntu on the Fairphone 2, combining sustainability and open source.

The reason why UBports has chosen to put Ubuntu on the Fairphone 2 is that this community feels a lot of sympathy for this phone whose mission is to create positive impact across the value chain of electronics. This ethical product is also modular, which means you can repair it yourself and create a longer lifespan in your device. Next to showing sympathy to an ethical initiative like Fairphone UBports found it important to show a successfully ported device running on Ubuntu.

This open source operating system forms a strong alternative to Android in the guaranteed security and non-vendor lock-in it offers for its users.

In order to keep UBports productive and draw new projects, its initiator, the 19-year old Norwegian Marius Gripsgard launched UBports Foundation whose members will be present at MWC '17 in Barcelona.

They will demonstrate how the Fairphone 2 and Ubuntu complement each other in terms of the user experience. With this combination the smartphone becomes a device where the user is in control over his own data and can contribute to a better world at the same time. This is in line with Fairphone’s goal to give people more ownership over their smartphone so that they can open it up, keep, and maintain it longer, both on hardware and software levels.

UBports Foundation will be showcasing its work at the Canonical booth, the company behind Ubuntu.

Visit UBports at www.ubports.com

Visit Canonical at www.canonical.com

Visit the Fairphone at www.fairphone.com