UL listed LED strip light is fully submersible

October 03, 2016 // By Julien Happich
U.S. based engineering and technology company Elemental LED has unveiled a fully submersible LED strip light that is certified by Underwriters Laboratories as a UL listed underwater luminaire.

The Hydrolume was designed to excel in harsh environments, boasting an IP68 rating for submersible use, completely UV-resistant against sun exposure, saltwater-proof, and chlorine safe. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor commercial grade lighting applications offering brilliant and dimmable lighting with the benefits of long lasting durability without discoloration or degradation.

Engineered with over 40 patents and patent pending technologies, Hydrolume is an extreme environment solution that is exclusively custom assembled to customer specification in Elemental LED’s manufacturing facility in California to quickly arrive prefinished and ready to install. The LED strip comes completely sealed in a flexible molding and can be installed at a depth of up to 12 feet. The latest version of Hydrolume features a heavier cord and wire strain relief for higher safety requirements. Additionally, this unique strip light comes in a choice of correlated color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K for any application.

Visit Elemental LED at www.elementalled.com