Ultra-low power MCUs draw 37µA/MHz

March 07, 2017 // By Julien Happich
STMicroelectronics' STM32L496 and STM32L4A6 microcontrollers (MCU) from STMicroelectronics offer features unavailable in other ultra-low-power MCUs, delivering both high core performance and outstanding ultra-low-power efficiency.

With the unique fusion of ARM Cortex-M4F core performance and proprietary ultra-low-power technologies, the chips come with up to 320 Kbytes of on-chip RAM, up to 1 Mbyte of Flash, an extra CAN interface, a camera interface and crystal-less Full Speed (FS) USB OTG. A new high-pin-count UFBGA169 package option gives extra flexibility to exercise these new peripherals, which join the rich digital and smart analog features shared with the STM32L476/486. The STM32L4A6 with hardware cryptographic acceleration implements SHA-256 and AES-128/192/256 algorithms. The EEMBC CoreMark score of 273 outperforms other ultra-low-power cores, while the ULPBench score of 217 confirms greater energy efficiency. Active-mode current of just 37µA/MHz enables longer runtime on small batteries and extends scope to create energy-neutral products powered from ambient sources.
ST has also extended the flexibility of the STM32L4 power architecture, giving developers the option to power the core from an external DC/DC converter for extra efficiency. The STM32L4 FlexPowerControl architecture includes a new shutdown mode for additional energy savings, alongside multiple independent core and peripheral supplies, and a separate VBAT domain with charging circuitry that gives flexibility to utilize or recharge battery energy.
The new STM32L4 MCU lines come with extensive ecosystem support, including STM32Cube tools and software, two Nucleo-144 boards, and the STM32L496 Discovery Kit (STM32L496G-DISCO) with on-board audio/graphics features and Arduino, Pmod and STMod+ connectivity support.

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