Ultrasonic sensor has 400mm range, IO-Link

February 14, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Measuring 32x16x12mm, the U1KT001 ultrasonic reflex sensor features a large range of 400 millimeters and two independent switching outputs that can be taught in via teach-in or IO-Link in order to detect liquids, as well as dark, transparent or reflective objects at any two switching points.

These make it possible to precisely monitor minimum and maximum values when measuring fill-levels, distances and stack heights – even where interference factors prevail such as ambient light, fog or dust.

Sensor parameters can be conveniently configured and diagnostics data can be read out via the IO-Link interface. Thanks to the data storage function, saved settings can be easily duplicated at other sensors. A lock function for the teach-in key prevents inadvertent changes to the settings. The U1KT001 ultrasonic reflex sensor is also equipped with integrated temperature compensation which offsets fluctuating ambient temperatures in order to assure constant, highly precise measured values. LEDs, visible all the way around, indicate the status of power supply and the two digital switching outputs. The second sensor output can be used alternatively as a diagnosis output.
The ultrasonic sensor is equipped with three different operating modes: up to 40 sensors can be operated at the same time in the synchronous mode, which is absolutely essential for the scanning of large surfaces. Up to 16 sensors can alternately emit pulses in the multiplex mode, because they don’t influence each other. The through-beam operating mode is aimed at applications in which high switching frequencies and a large working range are required. In this case, two sensors (one emitter and one receiver) are arranged directly opposite each other or at an angle.

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