USB-C to native HDMI without converters

January 04, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Cypress Semiconductor announced what the company claims to be the world’s first complete solution for USB-C to native HDMI connections without adapters or converters.

Based on Cypress EZ-PD USB-C controllers, the solution allows next-generation laptops, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and other HDMI-enabled sources with USB-C connectors to connect directly to HDMI-enabled displays, including HD and 4K televisions, using only a simple USB-C to HDMI cable. The EZ-PD controllers all now support HDMI Alternate Mode for USB Type-C, along with USB Type-C standard support for audio, video and data protocols, as well as USB Power Delivery (PD) for fast charging.

All HD and 4K televisions include HDMI connections, but connecting non-HDMI-enabled source devices requires adapters or converters that do not enable all native HDMI features. With the Cypress HDMI Alternate Mode solution, source device manufacturers can now utilize native HDMI features via USB Type-C connectors.
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