Versarien signs exclusive distribution deal to Mouser

September 25, 2015 // By Julien Happich
A manufacturer of low-profile metallic foam heatsinks, Versarien has signed an exclusive global distribution deal with Mouser Electronics in relation to its next generation thermal management solutions.

Mouser will stock the company's LPH00xx series of low-profile heatsinks targeted at passive cooling in space-constrained electronic systems. The heatsinks are based on the proprietary VersarienCu micro-porous copper material which maximizes the available surface area for heat dissipation through its homogenously dispersed interconnected pores, as well as exploiting the superior thermal conductivity properties of copper.

"Versarien's portfolio of heatsink solutions aligns well with our current line card and customer base," said Barry McConnell, Senior Vice President of Products at Mouser Electronics. "The VersarienCu metallic heatsinks can be used to cool virtually any IC component, and we're excited to be offering these and other innovative technologies from Versarien to our engineering community."

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