Video: Apple takes a recycling step

March 31, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
Cameras recycle
Apple is to be applauded for creating a system to recover at least some of the resources it has gone to such trouble to assemble in its iPhones.

Previously these planetary resources were to a great extent, locked into the iPhone as they are in billions of pieces of electronics equipment. But now comes Liam, a system that deconstructs the iPhone at the end of its life to identify parts and remove them so that, where possible, they can be reused. This extends to the extraction of precious metals such as cobalt, lithium, gold, copper, platinum and silver from batteries, cameras and PCBs.

The system has been three years in development according to Charissa Rujanavech, who works in environmental initiatives at Apple.

I don’t know how effective Liam is and it may be that Apple is doing a little bit of recycling and trying to derive a lot of marketing benefit from that effort.

Is there a Liam for the iPad and for Apple computers?  What if Apple were to share this system, through the likes of equipment assembler Foxconn, with the entire consumer equipment industry.