Voice biometrics is optically clear for VocalZoom

December 08, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Israeli startup VocalZoom has released a voice biometrics solution based on its optical sensor that performs all voiceprint acquisition and embedded template matching, while eliminating the need for microphones and noise reduction software of traditional acoustic solutions.

The solution also takes voiceprint verification out of an external processor or cloud-based server to the security of an embedded, match-in-sensor architecture.

The company's patented VoiceMatch-in-Sensor technology for embedded speaker verification products acquires data from users during the biometric enrollment process as their facial skin vibrates during speech.

The VocalZoom optical HMC sensor converts this data into a voiceprint associated only with the person who was actually speaking, and stores it inside the sensor. This enables the sensor to meet FIDO compliance requirements, enabling easy plug-and-play installation as compared to existing fingerprint or other biometric sensors that don’t offer secure embedded biometric acquisition and template matching.

Each time users authenticate, a voiceprint is again acquired in real time, again optically confirmed to be from a living person rather than a recording, and then securely matched inside the sensor solution against information in its embedded template to verify the user and complete the authentication process. 

The sensor also offers the ability to optically acquire other biometric information to be used as additional authentication factors, including the speaker’s unique heartbeat and facial characteristics. 

Visit VocalZoom at www.vocalzoom.com

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