Volvo builds small e-car series for Siemens

May 29, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Siemens will equip a small series of electric vehicles based on the Volvo 30 with a new, more powerful motor. The vehicles will be manufactured exclusively for Siemens who intends to use them for an internal car-sharing project. The move is a result of a strategic cooperation between Volvo and Siemens in developing powertrains for electric vehicles.

The new permanent magnet motor features a better efficiency than the predecessor model. In addition, it offers a higher torque of 250nm, 30nm more than the previous version. Siemens also increased the power from 82kW to 89kW. In addition to the motor, Siemens also provides a new inverter, which offers a higher power density.

The C30electric is, obviously, the electric version of Volvo's C30 model. The production of the base model has been ceased in December 2012. A Volvo spokesperson explained that the electric version is not intended for serial production. Volvo will build a certain number of vehicles for Siemens' company vehicle fleet. Here, Siemens hopes to prove the suitability for everyday use and gain further experience in the specific requirements to electric drives.

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