Wafer-Level Fan-Out package integrates microfluidics

September 30, 2016 //By Julien Happich
European's largest provider of Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test Services (OSATS), Nanium S.A announced the development of its first Wafer-Level Fan-Out (WLFO) package for biomedical microfluidic applications.

Developed for end customer Magnomics, a start-up designing chip-scale DNA extraction, amplification and magnetic detection systems for in-vitro molecular diagnostic devices, the WLFO package embeds a 5.5x1.2mm 2 bio-detection chip along an 8mm long fluid channel within a 10x4mm 2 footprint.

The package has a direct exposure of the chip active area to the fluid, a feature made possible with Nanium's Keep-Out-Zone (KOZ) technology.

"The Wafer-Level Fan-Out technology is especially well suited for microfluidic applications, as the fluid channel can extend beyond the chip, utilizing the inexpensive Fan-Out area of the package", explained André Cardoso, R&D Integrator responsible for the project. "In this case, the microfluidic channel is much longer than the chip itself, and the chip only represents 16% of the package area. This is a tremendous cost saving on the biochip, because the use of a smaller chip increases by one order of magnitude the number of chips in a front-end wafer". 

Nanium also envisages that the same WLFO packaging technology could be used to implement multi-chip biomedical microfluidics whereby a single microfluidic channel could cross several chips inside the same package. This would be enabling true "Lab-On-Package" solutions, further expanding the WLFO technology market, according to the OSAT. 

Visit Nanium at www.nanium.com

Visit Magnomics at www.magnomics.pt


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