Wearable enclosures accept standard 18mm strap

March 01, 2016 //By
Body-Case is OKW's first ever series of fully wearable standard electronic enclosures, designed specifically for fitting a standard 18 mm wrist strap so it can be worn just like a watch. Each enclosure is supplied with two 18mm spring bars for fitting the wrist strap. An optional fastening kit allows Body-Case to be hung around the neck on a lanyard, clipped to a belt/pocket or carried loose.

Applications include mobile data recording and transmission; tracking and monitoring; emergency call and notification; bio-feedback sensors for healthcare, wellness and sports fitness. The ergonomic enclosures enable wearers to use wireless electronics inconspicuously and without restriction of movement. The cases can accommodate touchscreens, push buttons or voice-activated electronics. Power is supplied by round or button cells on the PCB or by a rechargeable battery with a copper loop for charging the device inductively. The enclosure is available in a 55x46x17mm form factor and can be specified either with or without a recessed top for a membrane keypad or product label. Protection levels are up to IP 67. Customising options include custom colours, special materials (V-0), EMC shielding, CNC machining, screen, tampo and digital printing of legends and logos and assembly of accessories.   

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