Web-based timing analysis tool improves 10x for car networks

March 27, 2018 // By Julien Happich
LuxTrace just launched by Luxoft Holding is a new and improved web-based version of TraceAnalyzer 4.0, a timing analysis tool for visualizing system timing in terms of the constituent ECUs, controllers, processors, buses and networks, claimed to process large traces up to ten times faster than its predecessor.

Luxoft has turned the desktop application TraceAnalyzer into a modern web-based solution, ready for deployment in a continuous integration workflow. LuxTrace enables engineers to formulate all timing requirements using a flexible test-case centric representation. Being Python-based, users can test even the most complex timing requirements automatically. At the same time, easy templates are provided for general test cases and offers a central, database-backed repository for all your tracing data.

In addition, all test-cases can be run fully automatically, with test reports available interactively in the browser or in user-specific formats like Excel. LuxTrace offers a central configuration on the server and can be operated by multiple users at the same time. This means all timing projects can be reviewed in a single place - by everyone on the team.

Luxoft Holding - www.luxoft.com

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