Win a complete evaluation package for iC-Haus'12-bit angular encoder

August 23, 2013 // By Julien Happich
This month, iC-Haus is giving away five evaluation kits for its iC-MH8, a 12-bit angular encoder suitable for brushless DC motors. Worth 204 Euros each, the kits could be used to evaluate the single chip magnetic encoder for controlling a motor by means of an on-axis magnet and generate the position data to be displayed on a PC.

The data can also be used to generate the UVW commutation signals. Each package comes with the iC-MH8 evaluation board (iC-MH8 EVAL MH2D) plus the iC-MB43U BiSS to USB-adapter and a PC-compatible graphical user interface. The iC-MH8 position sensor integrates Hall sensors for scanning a permanent magnet. The chip’s signal conditioning unit generates constant-amplitude sine and cosine voltages that can be used for angle calculation. The resolution can be programmed up to a maximum of 4,096 angular increments per rotation. The integrated serial interface also enables the position data to be read out to several networked sensors. It supplies quadrature signals with an edge rate of up to 8 MHz and interpolation can be carried out with maximum resolution at a speed of 120,000 rpm.

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