Windows 10 aware debugging on the ARM architecture

March 02, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Lauterbach GmbH's TRACE32 development tool now supports Windows 10 aware debugging on the ARM architecture.

The universal development system can be connected to most work stations and can contain any combination of instruments which may be required for microprocessor systems development, including debugger, tracing tool, logic analyzer, protocol analyzer and similar tools. Using the so called “stop mode debugging” over JTAG interface, developers gain access to all system resources. No special stub, interface or driver is necessary to debug the target. Even if the complete system “hangs”, the debugger is still able to show all system resources. The user can inspect running processes, threads and libraries, as well as kernel modules and drivers, at any time.  

Thanks to its extended MMU support, TRACE32 allows access to the complete virtual address space. This gives the developer the ability to switch to the context of any process and inspect its status at any time. This means one can debug drivers and/or multiple applications simultaneously.

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