Windshield interlayer makes glowing head-up display

February 21, 2017 // By Julien Happich
According to a recent report from Nikkei Technology Online, raw materials and chemicals provider Sekisui Chemical Co Ltd demonstrated a novel type of head-up display whose active light-emitting layer could be part of a windshield interlayer.

Exhibited at Tokyo's Automotive World 2017 last January, the prototype head-up display consisted of a thin interlayer embedding luminescent materials sandwiched between two glass plates. Upon being hit by a laser light from a projector hidden beneath (integrated in the dashboard or in the instrument panel), the luminescent material glows and re-creates the image across the windshield.

Sekisui Chemical's light-emitting interlayer glows
when being hit by the laser light from a projector
(source Nikkei Technology Online).

Because the light-emitting material can be invisibly embedded across the whole windshield, with an appropriate projector mechanism the head up display could span the whole windshield. Sekisui Chemical envisages that the same laser projector could light up displays across different glass panels, including side and rear windows or even the sunroof (either to display information or customized lighting patterns).

The Japanese company has developed blue and green hues and is now working on obtaining red in the mix. It anticipates that such a display solution could be used in construction or at bus stops, targeting the automotive market once the technology is more mature.

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