World first: Samsung monitor integrates inbuilt wireless charging

July 28, 2015 // By Paul Buckley
Samsung is claiming a world first by creating a monitor with an inbuilt wireless charging pad. All Qi-enabled devices, including Samsung, HTC and Sony smartphones, can be charged using the monitor.

The SE370 monitor will be available in 23.6-inch and 27-inch versions, with the charging pad positioned at the base of its stand.

Placing an enabled device on the charging pad triggers charging automatically and removes the need to plug in a cable.

Although Samsung has released several wireless charging pads previously, the SE370 is the first time the technology has been integrated into an existing product.

The monitor will be fully compatible with the forthcoming Windows 10 and has a 178 degree viewing angle and a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Samsung's wireless charging monitor follows the announcement by multinational retailer Ikea at this year's Mobile World Congress in February 2015 of the launch of a range of wireless charging furniture. Ikea integrated charging pads into lamps for the floor and table, two desks and two bedside tables.

Samsung's Galaxy S6 smartphone is the first Samsung device to have wireless charging built-in. The Galaxy S6 embraces both Qi and PMA wireless standards.

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