Check your work under Wi-Fi handheld microscopes

October 21, 2016 // By Julien Happich
This month, distributor RS Components is giving away four Wi-Fi Microscope packages, worth 915.4 Euros each, for EETimes Europe's readers to win.

Each kit includes two Mic-Fi hand held digital microscopes with built-in WiFi transmission, and capable of streaming magnified views (from 5x to 200x) captured by a 1.3MP CMOS 1/4 sensor at up to 30fps, directly to your smartphone or tablet device. One of the Mic-Fi microscopes features an in-built adjustable polariser that reduces glare and reflection on shiny objects. The other comes with built-in white and UV LED lighting, making it suitable for use in forensics and biomedical applications.

For use with Windows, OS X, iOS or Android operating systems, the Mic-Fi App operation modes include measurement, conservation, copy and transfer of images and video.
The microscopes can also output to a computer via the included USB cable. A vertical stand completes the kit, together with dedicated transparent caps, USB ac adapters, a line calibration ruler and a quick start guide.

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And last month’s winners are…

In our previous reader offer, Conrad Business Supplies was offering eeNews Europe 's readers a chance of winning one of five XDK 110 Cross-Domain Development prototyping Kits from Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH.

Lucky winners include Mr. A. Moerel and A. Stienstra from the Netherlands, Mr J. H. Desvernay from France, Mr E. Mazzetti from Italy and Mr B. Callebaut from Belgium. All should be receiving their packages soon. Let's wish them some interesting findings with their projects.