Radar development kit gets you started in remote sensing

April 01, 2016 // By Julien Happich
This month, Omniradar is giving away the OMDEVKIT-60A, a radar development kit worth 4000 euros, developed as an evaluation platform for the company's RIC60A 60GHz radar chip.

The chip integrates two receive antennas and one transmit antenna which allow for the simultaneous detection of position, speed and angle of arrival for multiple objects. Working in the 60GHz ISM band with a bandwidth up to 7GHz the IC offers a cost-effective solution for many consumer and industrial applications such as presence detection outdoor and indoor, gesture sensing, distance sensors, gauging, speed sensors for sports and security, or automotive radars. Based on an advanced SiGe process, the chip features an integrated oscillator, PA, LNA, IF amplifiers and AD-converters, all in a 7.0x7.0x1.2mm LGA package.

The kit consists of a sensor board containing the RIC60A and an USB-interface board. Also included in the package are a USB cable and a USB stick containing sample MATLAB scripts for Doppler and FMCW radar measurements and algorithm development on a PC, a software GUI for programming the RIC60 (through SPI), code, package footprint, chip specifications and an application note.

Visit Omniradar at www.omniradar.com


And last month’s winners are…

In our previous reader offer, Segger was giving away ten embOS/IP switch boards , worth 98 Euros each, for eeNews Europe's readers to win.

Lucky winners include Mr P. Sarrazin and Mr B. Baskevitch from France, Mr S. Camonita from Spain, Mr A. Schilder and Mr M. Gohlke from Germany, Mr P. Wooderson from the UK, Mr K. Viitala from Finland, Mr F. Stroiescu from Ireland, Mr D. Gacina from Croatia and Mr M. Szymczyk from Poland.