Ultrasound-based 3D mapping: this kit is yours

January 31, 2017 // By Julien Happich
This month, German startup Toposens is giving away one pricey evaluation kit built around its ground-breaking ultrasound-based 3D mapping technology, with a 12-month license to use Toposens' proprietary algorithms.

The Evaluation Kit V1.0 includes Toposens' 3D ultrasound sensor V 1.0 operating in the 40kHz frequency range, which will allow you to precisely detect the 3D position of objects and people with an accuracy ranging from 1 to 10cm, at an acquisition speed from 10 to 60 frames/s. Toposens' Visualization Software Tool helps users understand the data output and see the environment through 3D ultrasonic machine vision, various readout parameters can be adjusted for fast and easy prototyping.

As well as the 100x45x21mm sensor unit, the kit includes a Bluetooth module and battery pack, a USB cable, a power supply, a serial adapter and a Bluetooth Dongle. Adjustable filter options and pre-set scenario settings are available through the Visualization Software Tool. A Plug&Play API is provided together with extensive technical documentation.

Visit Toposens at www.toposens.com


And last month’s winners are…

In our previous reader offer, u-blox was giving away ten EVK‑NINA‑B1 evaluation kits worth 69 Euros each, for eeNews Europe 's readers to win.

Lucky winners include Mr. V. Popov from Bulgaria, Mr P. Rodrigues from Portugal, Mr A. MetA. Grange from France, Mr J-J. Lemaire from Belgium, Mr R. De Marco from Italy, Mr T. Ginchev from Finland, Mr E. Kiss from Hungary, Mr A. Turedi from Turkey, Mr S. Bodnarchuk from Ukraine, Mr V. Straten from the Netherlands, Mr S. Ragazzini and M. Rossi from Italy, Mr G. Maudens from Belgium, Mr B. Nel from the UK, and Mr M. von Dawans from Germany. All should be receiving their packages soon. Let's wish them some interesting findings with their projects.