What would you do with mid-air haptics?

March 31, 2017 // By Julien Happich
This month, Ultrahaptics is giving away its UHDK5 Touch Development Kit worth $2000 for eeNews Europe's readers to experiment with ultrasound-based mid-air haptics.

The ultrasound haptics deliver unique touch sensations that enable users to ‘feel’ virtual buttons, switches, dials and other objects in mid-air (more hygienic than hardware switches). The kit provides a complete hardware and software package with an architecture that can readily be embedded in product designs, from prototypes right through to volume production. The development kit works straight out of the box and can be up and running in just a few minutes to provide demonstrations that require no technical knowledge from the user.

For developers, the embeddable architecture (utilising an ARM Core plus FPGA) eases integration and provides a production ready design that minimises BOM cost. Similarly the provision of APIs, coded using the widely adopted C++ programming language, allows software engineers to easily adapt their application interfaces with customised sensations. Gesture control combined with haptic feedback can provide two-way interaction for new interfaces in consumer electronics, computing and gaming applications.

Ultrahaptics - www.ultrahaptics.com


And last month’s winners are…

In our previous reader offer, e-paper display maker Pervasive Displays was giving away ten evaluation packs worth $141 each, for eeNews Europe's readers to win.

Lucky winners include Mr R. Stepaniuk from Spain, Mr F. Stroiescu and Mr P. White from Ireland, Mr A. Neacsu from Romania, Mr J-J. Lemaire and B. Callebaut from Belgium, Mr R. Horvath from Slovakia, Mr H. Bijlsma from The Netherlands, Mr M. Schwingen from Germany and Mr P. Rodrigues from Portugal. All should be receiving their packages soon. Let's wish them some interesting findings with their projects.