Coilcraft: Selecting the Best Inductor for Your DC-DC Converter

June 20, 2016 //By Leonard Crane, Director of Technical Marketing, Coilcraft, Inc.
Coilcraft: Selecting the Best Inductor for Your DC-DC Converter

The use of dc-dc converters is increasing. As electronic systems become more miniaturized, mobile, complicated, and popular, their power requirements become more varied. Proper inductor selection requires a thorough understanding of product specification parameters and of how desired in-circuit performance relates to the information available in supplier data sheets. This paper discusses the key performance ratings engineers need to understand and evaluate when specifying power inductors for dc-dc conversion circuits.

This article walks both experienced power conversion specialists and nonspecialists through the various types of inductors that can be used in dc-dc converters and the important performance specifications associated with them.
DC-DC converters; inductor selection; power conversion; power inductors; power magnetics; DC resistance; self resonant frequency (SRF); Saturation current; RMS current

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