Meeting Embedded Design Challenges with Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

February 22, 2021 // By Boris Adlung
Meeting Embedded Design Challenges with Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

Customized communication protocol and bus usage is critical to design efficiency and time to market, but comes with the risk of being sometimes difficult to analyze and debug. The most common sources and types of problems when using low speed serial data in an embedded application include timing, noise, signal quality, and data. We will recommend debug tips and features available in modern oscilloscopes that will make debugging these complex systems faster and easier.

Embedded design and especially design work utilizing low speed serial signaling is one of the fastest growing areas of digital electronics design. The need to communicate between modules, FPGAs, and processors within a wide array of consumer and industrial electronics is increasing at an astounding rate. Boris Adlung of Rigol Technologies Europe details some hints and tips for using a mixed signal ascilloscope in embedded designs.


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