Model-based Automation of Verification Development for automotive SOCs

October 06, 2021 // By Aljoscha Kirchner, Jan-Hendrik Oetjens, Oliver Bringman
Model-based Automation of Verification Development for automotive SOCs

The method includes the formalization and modeling of the SoC specification using SysML as well as the generation of SystemVerilog Assertions based on the modeled specification. Thus the effort can be achieved by minimizing manual transformation as well as by reducing errors due to ambiguous specifications.

Current technical trends in the automotive industry lead to a demand for more complex and at the same time secure systems, also in the area of SoC development. This is in contrast to the goal of achieving ever shorter and more efficient development cycles. These challenges are particularly evident in verification, which takes up a considerable part of system development due to increasing requirements. To address these challenges this paper from DVcon Europe presents a novel method for model-driven automation of verification.

SysML Model-Driven Verification Verilog Assertions

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