New! High-Speed, Real-Time Recording Systems Handbook

April 30, 2014 //By Rodger Hosking, Pentek
New! High-Speed, Real-Time Recording Systems Handbook

Recently updated to its 2nd edition, this handbook describes some of the features that are widely desired including the use of a non-proprietary file system, the use of a client-server architecture, and the presence of a user-friendly API.

In today's world of high-speed A/D converters operating in the gigahertz range, real-time signal recording has become a challenging task. When designing a real-time recorder capable of streaming sustained data to disk at rates of up to 5 GB/sec, the developer has to consider the limitations presented by the operating and file systems, disk drive technology, the hardware interfaces, and the RAID controller technology.
Pentek, Recorder, RAID, 5 GB/s

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