Why Low Quiescent Current Matters for Longer Battery Life

April 03, 2020 // By EBV Maxim
Why Low Quiescent Current Matters for Longer Battery Life

When a power supply is in standby mode, power consumption is defined by quiescent current (IQ), which refers to a circuit’s quiet state, when it isn’t driving any load and its inputs aren’t cycling. Quiescent current, while nominal, can also substantially impact a system’s power transfer efficiency during light load operation.

Battery life is getting increased scrutiny as our devices continue to shrink but are still expected to deliver more functionality and performance than ever before. Effectively extending battery life in future devices will require mastery of low quiescent current. This paper examines the role of low quiescent current in delivering the battery life essential for today’s (and tomorrow’s) wearable, mobile, and other smart, connected devices.


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