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November 27, 2018 // By Pat McLaughlin
Benefits of bespoke motor control centres
A motor control centre is an assembly of one or more enclosed sections in a metal cabinet containing motor control units with a common power bus. It can also include variable frequency drives, programmable logic controllers and metering and can act as the service entrance for the building’s electricity.

As well as meeting spatial requirements, bespoke MCCs can be designed to the exact technical demands of a company’s processes without being limited to the standard options given by the manufacturer. By working with an independent MCC specialist, companies can mix and match components from different manufacturers instead of having to go for a predesigned standard model.
One design feature that can make MCCs easier to maintain and replace is the option of withdrawable starters. The benefits of this can be reaped in facilities that run numerous processes simultaneously, for example in water facilities or an oil or gas company.
A bespoke MCC can also be designed to suit the conditions of its operating space. Some environments can be much harsher so components with higher ingress protection (IP) ratings may be required to safeguard the equipment from foreign bodies, humidity or other environmental factors.
Because MCCs have a lifespan of around 25-30 years, a bespoke design must be made to meet all future challenges. In the case of older MCCs, it is possible to replace or upgrade panels to meet new specifications, although commissioning a new one might often be a wiser decision. In an ideal situation, an MCC should be equipped for future challenges from the onset.
MCCs are crucial in simplifying power distribution. While an off-the-shelf motor control centre might be suitable for many applications, a bespoke MCC offers a flexible footprint, better use of space and suitability for its environment. Just like Pope Julius II commissioned Michelangelo to undertake a unique project, purchasing a bespoke MCC may be the key to a resilient design, perfect for your space.

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