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June 11, 2019 //By Thomas Schneid, Infineon, and Marie-Sophie Masselot, Leti Tech Research Institute
Ensuring ADAS safety with multi-sensor fusion
Sensor fusion is a key task at the very heart of autonomous driving. This article describes the SigmaFusion approach, developed by the LETI Technology Research Institute.

The demonstrator highlights how SigmaFusion can be used to increase the safety of AI driving algorithms by delivering a free-space assessment of the environment around the vehicle. Equally, the solution can also target more cost-sensitive ADAS implementations, being compatible with any kind of range sensor. With vehicles moving to pure electric energy sources, the solution proves to be especially energy efficient, drawing less than 3 watts in operation.


As established players and market disruptors jostle for supremacy in the space of self-driving vehicles, it is essential that automotive-qualifiable solutions form the basis of those platforms for the safety of road users and pedestrians alike. With the automotive industry moving ever closer to pure electric drivetrains, these solutions will additionally need to be electrically efficient. Industry proven processing platforms with a pedigree in safe automotive electronics, coupled with intelligent multi-sensor fusion middleware, are key to delivering ADAS features. The combination of SigmaFusion, coupled with the Infineon Aurix and RXS8160 radar solution, demonstrates that certifiably safe automotive-capable multi-sensor fusion solutions are possible.


About the authors:

Thomas Schneid is Senior Director Software, Partnership & Ecosystem Management, Infineon Technologies AG.

Marie-Sophie Masselot is Senior Partnership Manager at the Leti Technology Research Institute.


Notes and references

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