How joint qualification of new memory devices helps to improve system quality, as well as chip quality: Page 5 of 6

October 21, 2016 // By Marcel Kuba
How joint qualification of new memory devices helps to improve system quality, as well as chip quality
Engineers in the automotive industry are subject to conflicting pressures. On the one hand, they are always looking for new products and technologies that will help to solve the pressing design problems that they face.

By connecting high-performance test instruments in this way and using other specialist test equipment or tools, a Flash memory supplier can perform various useful investigations:

  • test critical MCU-Flash timings and marginal parameters in the operation of the high-speed interface
  • use critical FFS functions (such as erase suspend, power fail-safe, garbage collection) to catch potential issues arising from interactions between the device’s hardware and software
  • test the operation of new features such as ECC
  • test the application’s operation in terms of both hardware and customer-specific software (see Figure 3)
  • test the system for the effects of stress caused by fabrication steps such as inspection and reflow

In Cypress’s experience, such investigation informs product enhancements which result in improved read data throughput, reduced boot time, and various other performance optimisations.

Fig. 3: test results obtained by using a Wingboard – in this case, a page read on a parallel NOR Flash IC

The JQ process also delivers a number of benefits to OEMs, including improved time-to-market and the ability to quickly ramp up with the latest Flash memory technology. With a well-developed process and investigation methods, system developers can easily check all key performance and quality parameters and catch any potential problems early.

This method also provides a powerful tool for process improvement, allowing designers to reduce system boot time by drawing on the latest technologies and features. All in all, JQ produces best-in-class quality in the customer’s system, and makes it easy for OEMs to develop new platforms based on the latest technology.

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