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April 12, 2019 // By Tony Armstrong and Steve Knoth
Keep powering your system when the primary supply is intermittent
In today’s world of constant connectivity, it is commonplace for many electronic systems to be always operational—regardless of their external environment or operating conditions. Said another way, any glitch in a system’s power supply, whether momentary, seconds, or even minutes, must be taken into account during its design process.

The LTC4041 includes an optional OVP function using an external FET that can protect the IC from input voltages greater than 60 V. An internal supercapacitor balancing circuit maintains equal voltages across each supercapacitor and limits the maximum voltage of each supercapacitor to a predetermined value. Its adjustable input current limit function enables operation from a current limited source while prioritizing system load current over battery charge current. An external disconnect switch isolates the primary input supply from the system during backup.

There are many IC options for designers to consider for their specific needs, giving them an easy method to have backup power if the main power is interrupted or lost, regardless of whether their storage medium is a supercapacitor, an electrolytic capacitor, or even a battery. So, make sure that your system has the right backup when it is needed.

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Tony Armstrong is the product marketing director for Analog Devices’ Power by Linear product group – He can be reached at

Steve Knoth is a senior product marketing engineer in Analog Devices’ Power by Linear Group. He can be reached at

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