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November 27, 2018 //By Markus Zehendner, Texas Instruments
Power for Automotive Infotainment Systems
In today’s cars, the In-vehicle infortainment (IVI) systems are rather complex compared to earlier generations. This article describes requirements and solution for such systems.

Figure 4 shows the complete design. The total footprint is only 42 mm x 51 mm with almost all components mounted on the top side of the PCB. On the bottom side are only the two feedback voltage dividers of the dual buck.

Figure 4 – PMP30267 Board Image



A car’s infotainment system is a complex unit which typically needs several power rails. These rails have to be present all the time to ensure stable operation without interruption. Starting the engine on a cold day causes a significant break down of the battery voltage which can lead to a shutdown of the infotainment system. Therefore the power tree contains more blocks than only two buck converters to provide the needed supply voltages. This article describes a complete power solution for a state of the art infotainment system containing an active reverse polarity protection, a pre-boost converter and a synchronous dual buck converter to generate the two power rails. All information regarding this design (schematic, bill of material, layout, test report and design files) can be found on the TI website here.

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