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February 17, 2020 //By Ralf Ködel, Infineon Technologies; Ken Moore, Spark Connected
Safe and secure wireless power solutions
Complete wireless charging solutions for cordless user experiences for consumer, industrial, and automotive markets without compromising on high performance and reliability.

The Infineon/Spark solution is Qi certified and fully meets Qi FOD functionality and performance. The solution employs more accurate measurement techniques, which improve the performance of the standard Qi FOD method: actual voltage and current are used in the calculation and not the inverter DC power. The solution is more accurate and can detect smaller foreign objects. It prevents overestimation of losses (Foreign Object not detected), or underestimation of losses (FOD fail with no object present). The transmitter employs AI and machine learning to determine if the charging environment is safe when metallic objects are present.

Flexible software-based architecture

Rather than rely on an application specific IC for protocol and power delivery, the strength of the Infineon/Spark wireless charging solution lies in its modular software-based architecture.  Wireless power is continually evolving, as standards mature, and new products and applications are introduced to the market. The high software content of the solution allows a common hardware architecture to be used across several reference designs, with each reference design flexible enough to support several types of applications. In addition, future changes to the wireless charging standards can be supported by a software upgrade.

Dedicated wireless power controller based on AURIX and XMC

There are dedicated wireless power controllers for wireless charging based on AURIX and XMC families. The AURIX wireless power ASIC like the SAK-TC212S-8F133SC help the next-generation in-cabin wireless charging systems meet strict automotive safety, security, environmental and regulatory requirements, while still enabling industry-leading charging performance and efficiency. This controller works seamlessly with Infineon’s power and interface devices to provide a complete charging solution for smartphones and other connected devices. The controller supports 15W charging for today’s standard Qi and fast charge smartphones and supports future standards with a software update. Other key features of the solution are:  Special power drive stage with improved EMI performance of 10 - 15dB over existing solutions; flexible FOD with improved accuracy that can detect smaller objects; support of custom coils and multi-coils; charging two devices using a single controller;
full power charging with a 6 - 19V input supply; and built-in security functionality meeting latest automotive requirements.

The wireless power controller XMC6521SC-Q040X and the other members of this series based on the ARM® Cortex®-M0 core work seamlessly with Infineon’s power devices in a scalable and cost-effective architecture to provide a complete charging solution for everything from a fast charge smartphone, to a 45W laptop computer, to a 80W drone and beyond. Other key features are the support of existing standards and fast-charge devices; full power charging without exotic thermal management; high efficiency charging rates equivalent to wired charging; support of custom charging profiles and industry standards on the same hardware; flexible FOD with improved accuracy; and support of custom coils and multi-coil architectures.

Reference designs for next generation applications

Working with Spark Connected Infineon provides complete reference design roadmap for both inductive and resonant wireless power solutions (see figure 2) that support many of the current and next-generation wireless power applications: for on-the-go charging, whether in the car, at home or in public places. These reference designs include the hardware design, bill of materials, example PCB layout and all the documentation and support required to integrate wireless charging into the customer’s product.

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