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February 17, 2020 //By Ralf Ködel, Infineon Technologies; Ken Moore, Spark Connected
Safe and secure wireless power solutions
Complete wireless charging solutions for cordless user experiences for consumer, industrial, and automotive markets without compromising on high performance and reliability.

“The Pegasus” is a low-power inductive transmitter and receiver solution that supports single device charging up to 2W with an input power supply of 5V. Main applications are low-powered products such as wearables, toothbrushes, headphones, hearing aids, smart glasses, smartwatches, fitness bands, smart clothing, smart sports equipment, smart stylus, and IoT.

An XMC based 2.5W low-power solution, called “The Hydra”, is the industry's lowest cost resonant wireless charger. By using a frequency of 6.78MHz, very small coils can be employed in a variety of form factors, with no regard to nearby metallic objects. These benefits make the technology ideal for charging wearables, headphones, smart clothing and other connected IoT applications. The transmitter and receiver solution use resonant technology and supports one-to-one and multi-device charging. The input power supply is 5V - 19V. 

“The Valkyrie” is a certified Qi transmitter that supports the latest 15W power transfer specification for all fast charge smart phones. The solution provides an easy-to-use wireless power design kit and enables high efficiency (>80% tested) combined with class leading FOD. In addition, the solution’s low component count enables designs with reduced system costs (figure 4). It achieves charging rates nearly equivalent to wired charging and supports custom charging profiles and industry standards on the same hardware.

Fig 4: Compact reference design of a 15W Qi transmitter (The Valkyrie) with low component count based on an XMC microcontroller (source: Spark Connected)

Infineon also provides a 15W 3-coil reference design for automotive in-cabin wireless charging (figure 5), called “The Beast”, which is both Qi certified and automotive qualified. In an industry first, the reference design has also been certified CISPR-25 Class 4, for EMI performance unmatched in the market. The AURIX-based design supports wireless charging, CAN and external NFC-interface with a single CPU. Built-in security functionality (HSM) meets latest automotive requirements. The solution is highly scalable and flexible and provides a very robust FOD. The AURIX can also support the charging of two devices using a single controller, thereby reducing system cost and size.

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