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February 17, 2020 //By Ralf Ködel, Infineon Technologies; Ken Moore, Spark Connected
Safe and secure wireless power solutions
Complete wireless charging solutions for cordless user experiences for consumer, industrial, and automotive markets without compromising on high performance and reliability.

For applications such as 5G Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), outdoor security cameras, telecom infrastructure and factory automation, a solution called “The Gorgon” provides high efficiency wireless power transmission. A proprietary inductive transmitter and receiver solution, the system can continuously power a device up to 30W through 30mm of glass (including low-E coated glass) or other non-metallic building material.

Fig 5: Block diagram of an in-car wireless charging solution based on the powerful AURIX microcontroller

“The Minotaur” is the only 45W complete wireless charging system for next-generation tablets and laptop computers. The solution provides high efficiency (95% tested) charging that is easy to integrate with a reduced thermal impact (figure 6). The solution extends the existing smartphone charging ecosystem, allowing true backward and forward interoperability for users to take advantage of the growing Qi infrastructure. Infineon and Spark Connected are driving this next generation wireless charging standard with key OEM market makers in this space as part of the Wireless Power Consortium.

At 80W, “The Ogre” is a high-power inductive wireless charging solution that provides high efficiency charging on compact coils without special thermal management. Typical applications are power tools, robots, small appliances, drones, handheld terminals, medical instruments and industrial automation.

Fig 6: High peak efficiency (95% tested) of the 45W laptop transmitter and receiver solution

Further reference designs will be available on demand. Further Information on Infineon wireless charging solutions is available at To learn more about how Spark Connected is transforming wireless power delivery with innovative platforms and disruptive technology that benefit a wide variety of applications, please visit

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